About the Owner

As a first generation American raised primarily by two strong black women entrepreneurs, my grandmother, and my mother. And practically my entire family. There are expectations, self-doubts, failures and disappointments that have been thrown my way. However, each life phase has made me the woman that I am today and honestly, still making me. These women taught me to be resourceful, to be strong regardless of the curve balls thrown at me, to be mindful of others, to live creatively, to be industrious and embrace who I am, my roots. The act of problem solving comes naturally to me because of these women. Therefore, AdetejuAve means so much more than clothing or accessories. It is Problem-Solving. It is embracing my unique deep roots. It is embracing my soft, complex womanhood. And it is very personal.

About The Brand

AdetejuAve is a space for women to become, to be strong, to be resilient, to become a family, a community. Because we know it takes a village and we are creating that village right here, each one of us, At TheAve.